Rabies Update.

It’s been a pretty rough month. Dealing with clearance issues, migraines, job switches, the boyfriend trying to get his license back, our projector not working, etc. I mean, how’s a girl supposed to watch her House, Glee, Parenthood, Hellcats, and Grey’s Anatomy without the projector working?! Yes, there’s always the internet, however, most of these shows don’t get posted the night after, due to want of higher ratings the night it airs on TV. Anyway, this is not really a post to complain about my circumstances; rather, it is one to let you know what happened.

We picked Lacey up Saturday afternoon. We bought her everything: carrier, bed, shampoo, clippers, toys, food (soft, dry, treats, and milk), etc. She was amazing. Loving, purring, playing, crawling all over us, etc. She was the most perfect cat anyone could ask for. Then Sunday rolled around. She seized in the morning, wouldn’t eat or drink anything the rest of the day, wouldn’t even open her mouth, and a few other concerning things. She then seized later on in the afternoon and passed away. I spent the rest of the night in bed crying with my boyfriend. I also spent the entire first day of my new job trying to hold back tears. How did it happen? What if someone missed something at the animal shelter, because of the hundreds of other animals they have to take care of? Was it dehydration or could it truly have been rabies? The odds are against rabies, but we called the Health Department anyway just to clarify. They said digging her up (as psychologically abusive as that could have been) was pointless-the heat would have killed the virus and they wouldn’t have been able to positively identify it anyway. So they recommended I do the shots. So that’s the next step. Rabies shots.

So I went to the ER last night (only place that has the first shots) and they said they can start me tonight. Also, they gave me some wonderful scripts to keep these migraines at bay. Let’s hope they aren’t too strong, or I’ll be a bit loopy at work. Either way, I have to go see a neurologist for the headaches. Keep your fingers crossed they don’t find anything serious and it’s just stress related migraines, to which they will hopefully prescribe me something on a daily basis so I stop having them all together. Yay for twenty-first century medicine.

Anyway, we’ve said our goodbyes, and I’m just glad I could offer her a better place for her last few days. I’m heartbroken she couldn’t have been a part of our family, but for what it’s worth, she was for a little while.